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Winstin is an F1B Goldendoodle that has an outgoing, goofy, and charming personality.  He loves everyone!   Finding a ball to drop (so we can throw it for the girls to chase... so he can stay behind and get more one on one attention!) is one of his quirks! He loves to be loved, is eager to please and freely shows his affection.  If he had it his way, he'd be laying in our laps any chance he could.  He has an inherent knack for sensing when someone is feeling down or anxious and needs some extra attention.   His favorite past-times include following humans to the bathroom, doing tricks for treats and snuggling at night! 




Pearl is an F1 White European (more commonly known as "English Cream") Goldendoodle that has an overly friendly, playful personality who LOVES to fetch!  She comes from lines that competed in Dock Diving, which explains her love for retrieving!  One of her favorite past-times is visiting Lowe's and "prancing" up and down the aisles just waiting for strangers to pet her and tell her how beautiful she is.  Pearl is SMART- don't tell the others, but she's probably the smartest dog we have!  She's so eager to please and quick to learn commands.  Her favorite past-times are going for walks and runs and could play fetch ALL day!  Funny tid-bit: Pearl passed all of her Therapy Dog International Certification testing - with one exception:  Pearl LOVES tennis balls.  (This provided quite the fiasco given many hospitals and nursing homes have residents that have walkers with tennis balls on their ends.) Sweet Pearl... she means well, but... well... those tennis balls just get the best of her!  

Future Dam



Luna is a standard F1B Goldendoodle who is so eager to please and has been a joy to train.  She's been through her first heat and health testing, so now we just wait!  Luna's favorite past-times include snuggling, running after Pearl while she goes to retrieve balls, and loving on children and adults in her role as a Therapy Dog.   Luna passed her Canine Good Citizen test at the impressive age of 9  months. In the evenings you can find her snuggled up sleeping in our youngest son's bed.  There's no other place she'd rather be! 

What Science Tells Us



In order to give you the most details,  we consulted with Ji Khalsa (our breeding mentor's daughter & business partner) who specializes in canine genetics. We asked her to evaluate our dog's DNA results and provide a brief overview report of what future owners could expect regarding shedding, color and coat types. (Basically, she's a smart cookie -  you can read her impressive credentials and see the full test results at the bottom! ) 

"Winstin paired with Pearl or Luna would make for a wonderful pairing for families looking for allergy-friendly dogs with exceptional temperaments and looks! One can never guarantee the exact outcome of breedings, but with the recent advent of genetic testing, we can know what is and isn’t possible from two parents and make statistical estimates regarding those puppies. "

SHEDDING: "Winstin paired with Pearl or Luna together will optimal non-shedding to low-shedding genes. All of their puppies are expected to fit into those categories. (Non-shedding means that when you brush your dog you will see hair on the brush, but none on your clothing or floors. Low-shedding means that when you brush your dog, you will see hair on the brush, but not your clothing. For the low-shedding dogs, expect to see small amounts of hair when floors are swept, usually in the form of small dust bunnies near their beds or favorite places."

COLOR: All of Winstin and Pearl or Luna's puppies will be in the golden, cream, or white spectrum. Those colors are all produced by the same gene, so we aren’t always able to be more specific than that prior to meeting their adorable little puppies. They will all have black noses (known as black “points”).  They are all carriers of the "parti gene" which produces a 50% white Goldendoodle with solid patches of any of the colors they can produce.   They can also produce "abstracts" which are a solid color Goldendoodle with white markings that cover less than 50% of the body.  

COAT TYPE: "Coat type (if the coat is straight, wavy, or curly) of each of  Winstin and Pearl or Luna's puppies statistically will be 25 percent curly, 25 percent straight, and 50 percent wavy. Of course, Mother Nature rarely, if ever, gives what we expect statistically, but it’s nice to have an idea of  what they can produce. Also, it’s important to note that the genetics are complex and aren’t always reflected in physical type (“phenotype”) the way they are expected genetically. That means that some of their wavy dogs may appear to have more of a straighter or curlier coat.  Some of the straight coats may appear to be wavier, or some of the curly coats may be more relaxed and appear closer to the wavy type.  Think of it as more of a spectrum than a finite expectation.  One of the many lovely things about their puppies is that we can expect a full spectrum of coat types to suit the needs of any family. " 

All our dogs have been tested 100% clear of having over 200+ genetic diseases or carrying their recessive traits through Embark.  (This includes testing for 15 types of diseases Goldendoodles are prone to have!)


Ji resides in New Mexico and is co-owner of Cosmopolitan Companion Dogs.  She has Masters degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from Arizona State University, including independent studies in the link between canine genetics and behavior. She worked as a graduate student in an embryology and fetal development laboratory, which she has found incredibly applicable to Cosmopolitan's breeding program. Ji also has completed graduate work in molecular genetics and spent 20 years managing large bioresearch projects. She applies her extensive knowledge of genetics, behavior, embryology, development, and health to the Cosmopolitan breeding program. Ji is an accomplished student of behavioral science, using the most current science-based puppy rearing and training methods to produce outstanding companion dogs.  


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