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Pearl is an F1 White European (more commonly known as "English Cream") Goldendoodle that has an overly friendly, playful personality who LOVES to fetch!  She comes from lines that competed in Dock Diving, which explains her love for retrieving!  One of her favorite past-times is visiting Lowe's and "prancing" up and down the aisles just waiting for strangers to pet her and tell her how beautiful she is.  Pearl is SMART- don't tell the others, but she's probably the smartest dog we have!  She's so eager to please and quick to learn commands.  Her favorite past-times are going for walks and runs and could play fetch ALL day!  Funny tid-bit: Pearl passed all of her Therapy Dog International Certification testing - with one exception:  Pearl LOVES tennis balls.  (This provided quite the fiasco given many hospitals and nursing homes have residents that have walkers with tennis balls on their ends.) Sweet Pearl... she means well, but... well... those tennis balls just get the best of her!  

Pearl's Genetic Health Testing
Pearl's OFA Hips, Elbow, Patella, Cardiac & Eye Results



Luna is a standard F1B Goldendoodle who is so eager to please and has been a joy to train.  She's been through her first heat and health testing, so now we just wait!  Luna's favorite past-times include snuggling, running after Pearl while she goes to retrieve balls, and loving on children and adults in her role as a Therapy Dog.   Luna passed her Canine Good Citizen test at the impressive age of 9  months. In the evenings you can find her snuggled up sleeping in our youngest son's bed.  There's no other place she'd rather be! 

Luna's Genetic Health Testing Results
Luna's OFA Hips, Elbow, Patella & Cardiac Results (Eyes Pending)


Red Leather Collar

For future litters, we will be selecting outside studs from breeders who are fellow Blue Ribbon Level Breeders with the Goldendoodle Association of North America. This ensures future studs from programs that align with our standards and have our desired coat and color traits while allowing the ability to introduce new bloodlines to our program.  

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