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10% discount to bereaved parents, past or present military, first responders, or educators

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Furnished Coat (Non-Minimal Shedding) Puppies: $2500 (8.25% sales tax included)
Expect to see hair in the brush and dust bunnies near their favorite places.  Will require at-home brushing and grooming every 6 - 8 weeks to prevent matting.  Ideal for homes with dander allergies and an aversion to dog hair.

Unfurnished / Flat Coat (Prone to Shedding) Puppies: $800 (8.25% sales tax included)

*Discount is reflective of shedding probablility.*  Flat coats will likely look more like Golden Retrievers when grown and will likely have a coat similar to that of a Golden Retriever (just the shedding isn't as bad as a Golden, as reported to us from a previous Texas Dapper Doodle flat coat owner!).  The upside is that they don't require the expense or frequent grooming and at-home brushing needs of traditional doodles!  Ideal for homes with no dander sensitivities who don't mind dog hair. 


You may be thinking, "Whaaa??? That's a LOT of money!"  You're right!  It IS a huge investment! 


But consider these top 11 reasons:  

1) Our puppies are raised using the Puppy Culture method.  Starting from the time they are 3 days old, Puppy Culture protocols begin.  This involves ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) from days 3 - 16, emotional resilience exercises, daily checklists of tasks, learning to "mand" (an automatic sit when they want your attention), working on potty and crate training... and SO much more!  This method is shown to increase the size of a puppy's brain, increase their resilience to stress, and enhance their emotional stability.   


2) We do temperament testing before pups go home to help guide you in suggesting which puppies would be considered to have the best odds of meshing well with your family's activity level, training experience, desires, and needs. While the overall temperament of Goldendoodles is lovely, this helps you have more insight into selecting your future family member.

We acknowledge that temperament testing is NOT a guarantee of how a puppy will be as an adult. However, when paired with our personal observations since birth, we feel it can give great insight into helping you make an informed decision and increase your odds of making a wise choice as to a puppy best suited for you and your home's energy upon go-home.


3) Every puppy in the litter will have had genetic testing through Embark done and made available to you prior to Pick Day. This $159 value is included in your cost!  This helps us reassure you of your puppy's health, confirms their breed makeup (so you know your Goldendoodle is REALLY a Goldendoodle!), as well as letting us know what can be expected for each puppy's individual coat traits and allergy friendliness for families concerned about shedding and allergies. An added perk is that it gives an estimated adult weight, giving you a good idea of what to expect. 


4) We start crate training for you!  We slowly introduce crates in a group environment, then work toward puppies sleeping in crates independently.  Imagine taking a puppy home that will have a better chance of not be keeping you up ALL night long crying because it misses its mom and littermates!  Priceless!

5) We begin the potty training process for you!  We focus heavily on introducing potty training protocols starting at 3 weeks and get them accustomed to a doggie door and pottying outside.  They are on a tight schedule prior to going home - we share this with you for the best success in this area! 

6) We provide a 2-year genetic health guarantee. Our parents are DNA tested through Embark to ensure you get a dog from parents who tested 100% clear of having over 230 genetic diseases or carrying their recessive traits. This includes testing for 16 types of conditions Goldendoodles are prone to. We also do OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) testing on parents for their hips, elbows, and patellas and cardiac exams. 

7) Our puppies are 100% reared inside our home, so they'll be acclimated to all normal household noises - children, vacuum cleaners, etc. as well as adding in noise desensitization protocols, intentional socialization, handling, and attention! We also have other dogs and cats and recruit children and adults of all ages to ensure they'll be well-adjusted.  While we know the smell of potty training puppies (!) and the extra noise isn't ideal, we believe puppies raised in a home environment exposed to as much as they can offer the best success rate for puppies and their future owners.) *We feel every potential family looking for a puppy should have the right to request to see the environment puppies are raised in to ensure it's clean and sanitary and that puppies are being well taken care of.  We happily offer video calls and allow a home visit to our potential families so they can see how our puppies are being raised! 

8) Puppies come microchipped with a pre-paid lifetime registration, are up-to-date on dewormings, and have received age-appropriate vaccinations and a clear health check from our licensed veterinarian at Cobb Vet Clinic.


9) We offer lifetime support for our families. Have a question?  Need training advice?  We're here and long to have relationships with our families!  In fact, we WANT to hear from you, get updates and pictures, and help in any way we can! While we may not always have the answer, we're dedicated to finding it or directing you where to go.  We are here to support you!  We know life situations can change.  If, for any reason, you're unable to keep your dog, we're here for that, too. We will ALWAYS take one of our puppies back and ensure we can find their next best forever home. The last thing we would want is for one of our puppies to go into a shelter situation or an unsuitable home. 


10) Most people don't realize the many expenses that go into breeding responsibly. Between health testing the parents (and each puppy), paying for breeding rights, investing in the purchase of potential parents only to find out they don't qualify to be part of our program, and whelping and medical supplies, these are large expenses. 


Vet expenses (including prenatal care, supplements, well checks, emergencies, ultrasounds, and x-rays for moms, age-appropriate puppy vet checks, vaccinations and de-wormings, fecal exams, and microchips) are costly.   


Add in the cost of items for puppy enrichment and our constantly continuing education (attending and traveling to seminars from leading experts, investing in curriculum, programs, training, and reading materials, consultation fees with professionals, etc.) and the many sleepless nights and time and energy we put into each and every litter, this is honestly not a money-making endeavor for us.  And that's okay with us! 


We do this for the heart healing and joy we KNOW our puppies provide and want to set our puppies and their future owners up for the absolute best outcomes. We believe all of these things add up to that.  Any money that is made is put right back into making our small program better, more education, supporting non-profits, investing in potential breeding stock and health testing, and being able to offer discounts for military, first responders, and educators. 


Are there breeders who are in it solely for the money and cut all possible costs to do so? Sadly, yes. However, we are not one of them.

11) In addition to Rachel, we have 2 paid, trained staff members to help ensure sanitization, socialization, and training protocols are done daily and to help raise these puppies to be the best they can be! 

As breeders, we realize that we have willingly chosen to bring animals into this world, and we take that responsibility to heart—not only for our puppies but also for their future homes.


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