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About Us​

We are a family of three - Rachel and her two teenage sons, Zane & Sawyer - located in Midland, TX.  We've been through some sudden traumatic losses and grief, so after seeing first-hand the natural ability Goldendoodles have to bring joy and laughter into a home, we KNEW we wanted other families to have the same opportunity from responsible, ethical breeding practices. This is very much a ministry to us!

In addition to Rachel, we have 2 part-time staff members: Meghan Catalano (an owner of 3 Texas Dapper Doodles and stay-at-home mom of 4!) and Rachel's 15-year-old, puppy-loving son, Sawyer.  Having the extra paid help allows us to ensure proper sanitization, socialization, and training protocols are followed daily! 

Our dogs are like our family. Anywhere they can possibly go with us, they go!  You can read more about them here.

Our puppies are 100% reared inside our home.  This allows us to not only keep a close eye but also helps puppies be acclimated to common household noises - children, vacuum cleaners, etc. as well as having plenty of socialization and ever-present handling and attention!  We also have other dogs and cats and have recruited children of younger ages and other adults to ensure that, when the recommended introduction time is right, they'll be well-adjusted.  While we know the smell of puppies may not be ideal inside our home, we believe that puppies being raised in this type of environment is ideal for the success of the puppies and their future owners. 

Rachel's nerdy side has fallen in love with the scientifically based Puppy Culture method by which the puppies are raised.  She has a breeding mentor with over 40 years of training and breeding experience *just to make sure* these puppies will be taken care of in the best way possible!  She's had MANY conversations covering everything from recommended prenatal care to the extreme sanitary precautions (and much more!) with her mentor, other experts, and veterinarians at Cobb Vet Clinic.


If you know Rachel personally, you know that when she is vested in something - she is ALL in. Her favorite pastimes include videos of puppy development, researching best practices for birthing, whelping, prenatal care, etc. She takes great delight in chiming in on the multiple breeder group pages she's in and soaking up the knowledge. She pesters her vet and breeding mentor with any and all hypothetical questions that could arise during a birthing or puppy-rearing situation.  (She's even researched prenatal dog massage, the best kind of music for puppy brains to listen to, and lists of age-appropriate recommended puppy exercise limitations to send home for future owners.) Yeah, she's weird like that ...but we think you'll be glad she is!

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