About Us​

We are a family of four - Spencer, Rachel, Zane & Sawyer - located in Midland, TX that has fallen in love with the Goldendoodle breed.  We've been through some sudden traumatic losses and grief, so once we saw firsthand the natural ability Goldendoodles have to bring joy and laughter into a home while helping ease anxiety and depression, we KNEW we wanted other families to have the same enrichment. This is not a hobby or business to us - this is very much a ministry.

The parents, Winstin and Lucy, are our family pets.  They have free reign of home during the day, are visited every day at lunchtime during the work week, spend their evenings with us lounging on the couch, and sleep in our beds at night. Anywhere they can possibly go with us, they go.  You can read more about them here.

By no means are we "back-yard breeders" who will be throwing the dogs outside and just "hope for the best" when puppies come!  Our puppies will 100% be reared inside our home in a common living area, so they'll be acclimated to all common noises of a household - children, vacuum cleaners, etc. as well as having plenty of socialization and ever-present handling and attention!  We also have other dogs and cats and have recruited children of younger ages to ensure that, when the recommended introduction time is right, they'll be well adjusted to all sorts of home environments they may encounter in the future.  While we know the smell of puppies may not be ideal inside our home, we believe that puppies being raised in this type of environment is ideal for the success of the puppies and their future owners. 

Rachel's nerdy side has fallen in love with the scientifically based Puppy Culture method,  that the puppies will be raised by.  She's also retained a breeding mentor with over 40 years of training and breeding experience *just to make sure* these puppies will be taken care of the best way possible!  She's had MANY conversations covering everything from recommended prenatal care to the extreme sanitary precautions (and much more!) with her mentor, other experts, and veterinarian.


If you know Rachel personally, you know that when she is vested in something - she is ALL in. Her new past time has been watching YouTube videos of puppy development, researching best practices for birthing, whelping, prenatal care, etc. She takes great delight in asking questions on the multiple breeder group pages she's joined and soaking up the knowledge. She pesters her vet and breeding mentor with any and all hypothetical questions that could potentially come up during a birthing or puppy rearing situation.  (She's even researched prenatal dog massage, the best kind of music for puppy brains to be listening to, and lists of age-appropriate recommended puppy exercise limitations to send home for future owners.) Yeah, she's weird like that ...but we think you'll be glad she is!