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FAQ's about our Goldendoodle Puppies

Q: Do you have puppies available?  

A:  Unfortunately, not at this time. We will post on social media when we do.  Follow us there! 

Q: Do you have a contract and health guarantee?  

A:  Yes!  You can view a sample contract HERE.

Q.  What generation will these puppies be?  

A. Our pups' filial label is F3 or "Multi-Gen".  *A lot of people can get focused on wanting a specific generation but don't understand that a filial label doesn't always guarantee they'll get what they're really looking for coat and shedding wise.  (For example, some F1's can shed moderately to heavily depending on if they inherited a weak or strong furnishing gene.  Some F2's can have an Improper coat shed heavily.)  What's most important is finding a breeder that can tell you about what their parents' genetic testing results mean when combined together and what can be expected.  We KNOW our parents will produce puppies more ideal for regular allergy sufferers, as well as people who are "allergic" to constantly vacuuming up hair! 

Q.  What size are your dogs?  

A. Standard Size


Q. What precautions are required by us before coming to your home?

A.  We have serious health concerns for these puppies and take them seriously!  They are still developing their little immune systems and are not yet protected by all vaccinations and maturity. (People can inadvertently and unintentionally carry diseases in on their shoes, hands, and clothing.)  Therefore, while it may seem extreme, there is a detailed protocol we ask that you follow before entering our home and meeting the puppies.  This includes agreeing to:

- Not visit any kennels, pet stores, pet-friendly stores, dog parks, vet offices or any other places where you *may* have been exposed to unvaccinated dogs within 72 hours of your visit.  


Please be expected to sanitize hands and shoes with the products we provide to protect our puppies from outside germs.  We will have done our very best to protect the health of the puppies prior to you meeting them we hope you understand our wanting to prevent any unnecessary diseases from being transferred to them or into our home.  

We allow one visit at 4 weeks to meet puppies.  Virtual meetings and plenty of photos and videos will be available on our private FB group for our future families that have placed a deposit.


Q. What do we get in addition to our puppy?

At 6 weeks, each family with a paid reservation fee gets our custom-made "Preparing for Your Puppy" booklet to start getting ready! Each puppy will go home with a 2-year genetic health guarantee and printed results of their genetic testing through Embark.  All puppies will be microchipped and have had clearance from our vet, along with all age-appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings. All puppies will go home with a packet of recommended information and resources, a clicker to continue clicker training, and a few 'comfort items' which are familiar toys that have the familiar litter scent.  

Q. Can we breed our puppy?

A.  No, not unless you've been pre-approved and have purchased breeding rights. All puppies are to be sold as 'pets only' and confirmation of their being spayed or neutered will need to be provided to us by the timeframe identified in our contract. While we aren't opposed to others breeding, we want to ensure it is done responsibly.  Allowing us to help mentor you, or having an approved mentor, would be a requirement as we take the best breeding practices very seriously! 

Q. Where are you located?

A.  We are located in West Texas - Midland, TX to be exact!  We are approximately 5 hours away from Dallas, TX; 2 hours from Lubbock; 8 hours from Houston.  Both American Airlines and Southwest Airlines fly into MAF airport and allow for puppies to be flown with you in the cabin for an additional fee! 


Have more questions?  Email



Goldendoodle  Puppies Midland TX 

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